​Frequently Asked Questions

How does Just Ask Me To Cook  personal chef services work?

Upon your initial contact with me, we will schedule a free, no obligation in-home consultation. Together, we will discuss what type of meals you and your family like, taking into account your budget and what your budget will cover. I will customize your meal plan taking into account any food allergies or dietary restrictions . We will then finalize your menu and set your cook date. When I am scheduled to cook for you, if you need me to shop for ingredients, I will do so.  I will do all the prep work and cook the meals in the comfort of your kitchen. I can package and label any future meals and place them in your refrigerator or freezer.  Each meal would contain specific heating instructions. I will leave your countertop and stove completely clean. The entire cooking time and cleaning process is dependent on the meals you choose.

 What do your services cost?

The initial In-Home consultation is free with no obligation.

I charge $15 per hour for my services with a 2 hour minimum for Senior Citizens ages 65 and over.   $20 per hour for clients under the age of 65.


If for some reason you have to cancel or re-schedule the day of cooking, please contact me at least 24 hours in advance.  

Simple meals take less time. Meals such as braised Hunter's Chicken, may require longer cooking time. Remember, you control your menu, so when we have finalized your meal plan, I will inform you of the amount of time needed and what the total cost of my time will be.

If you need me to shop for ingredients, there is an additional $15 flat fee for my time (for Senior Citizens 65 and over; $20 for clients under 65).

The grocery bill will be your responsibility and will be invoiced at the completion of service.

What happens to the groceries that you do not use?

Since you are paying for the groceries, any grocery item that I purchase on your behalf, but do not use in its entirety for your meals, stays with you!