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About My Company

I had Debbie come to my home and one of the dishes  I selected was vegetable Lo Mein. It was the best!  That is my  favorite Chinese dish and she used only the vegetables I like. I would definitely call on her again in the future.  - Rita

I have ordered Fettuccini Alfredo in A+ restaurants but none compared to the dish prepared by Debbie. The pasta was cooked 'elegante' and held the sauce perfectly. The Parmesan cheese added to the cream made the dish delightful. The big surprise was the added proscuitto. Perfect! Need I say more?  - Connie

I had a scrumptous bowl of Debbie's chili. Each spoonful had chunks of beef, beans, onions and peppers in tomato sauce with just the right amount of hot pepper. It brought a sharp hot taste but not overpowering. The chili peppers made this dish an added pleasure.  - Tony

We tried the food of Chef Debbie and her services of Just ask me to cook. We were a little hesitant at first since we never tried this before. Well we were very pleasantly surprised. The options are many and the food was delicious. She has a very pleasant and trustworthy demeanor and we were very comfortable with her in our home. This service is highly recommended. - Rick and Michelle

Personal Chef Services 


I specialize in planning, prepping and cooking scrumptuous meals in the comfort of your home. I also clean up upon completion so that your countertop and stove looks just the way it did before I began. 

  • "WE" plan your meals together!
  • "I" prep for all the meals you wish me to make for you!
  • "I" cook all of the meals and provide any heating instructions. 
  • "I" CLEAN up after myself!

About Chef Debbie


I am a graduate of Promise Culinary School, certified in food safety with ServSafe and fully insured. I have eight years professional cooking experience and 30 years of personal cooking experience with many different cuisines. I have a tremendous passion for cooking, but even greater passion for pleasing the people I serve.